District 2520 in Japan with which District 5830 has maintained a long GSE and Youth Exchange history has been very severly damaged by earthquakes and a tsunami.  Sendai, Ofunato, Miyako and Minamisanriku (where over 9,500 are missing) are all located in District 2520.

Reports indicate moderate damage from the earthquake due to Japan's highly developed earthquake oriented building code.  However, most of the damage and loss of life is along the coastline where the reported 10 meter (60 feet from trough to crest!) tall tsunami came ashore.

Japan has the most highly developed tsunami warning and defense system in the world.  Sirens are  triggered moments after a potential tsunami generating event is detected and underwater and onshore barriers cut the bottom out of the tsunami and channel it up relatively unpopulated farmland.

This tsunami was far larger than most of their defenses could knockdown and ran much farther inland than ever expected.  Six miles in some cases.  Structural damage to ports and downtown areas of coastal cities is substantial.  However, loss of life, though very regrettable, should be far less than the Indian Ocean tsunami of a couple years ago.

Please be prepared to help our fellow Rotarians in Japan when the needs are identified and a call for help goes out.

More as received from District 2520 sources. 

John Jetter
District 5830