Article in The Paris News:
Every year the holiday season is filled with joy and happiness. Families are traveling, presents are being bought, and holiday dinners are being planned. This is also a time for giving to help those in need especially making sure those less fortunate have food on their table. One non-profit that provides healthy food for those in need is the Downtown Food Pantry. Each year Executive Director Alan Hubbard sends out a message to Lamar County  to ask for stuffing during the Thanksgiving Holiday. The food pantry also issues a challenge to service organizations to see who can deliver the most stuffing to the food pantry. The Paris Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club of Paris United accepted “The Turkey Stuffing Challenge.” Both service clubs delivered 1,750 boxes of stuffing to the Downtown Food Pantry. So you are probably asking “Who won?”  In the spirit of the holiday season both Kiwanis President Denise Kornegay and Rotary President Alex Fowzer declared their “Turkey Stuffing Challenge” a draw. Hubbard said with the help of both clubs and the rest of the citizens of Lamar County the Downtown Food Pantry had enough stuffing on hand to last from Thanksgiving through Christmas. 
Picture Left to Right (Denise Kornegay, Alan Hubbard, and Alex Fowzer)